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Why partner with 阿里?

的 Augustana Research Institute (阿里) provides cross-sector measurement, analysis and knowledge man年龄ment research for regional communities and organizations. Students participate in these academic research projects and gain hands-on experience and 21st century skills to drive societal change. 阿里’s research provides valuable insight on complex systems spanning cradle to career, 住房, 无家可归, behavioral health, criminal justice and systemic community needs.


Sioux Falls Thrive

阿里 provides services to 倡议 endorsed and resourced by Sioux Falls Thrive, an organization dedicated to uniting businesses, government and nonprofit sectors in strategic 倡议. Its goal is to ensure all children in the Sioux Falls metro area have the resources they need to thrive and achieve their optimal educational and career potential.

Sioux Falls Thrive

Team of Researchers

Dr. 苏珊史密斯, associate vice president for enterprise data analytics and Augustana Research Institute, leads an expert team of faculty researchers from across Augustana University's social science, humanities and natural sciences divisions.

Organizations interested in collaborating with 阿里 or the Beacom Research Fellows Program 应该联系 Dr. 苏珊史密斯.


Augustana Research Institute and Beacom Research Program Findings

Augustana University

Beacom Research Fellows Program




的 Augustana Research Institute (阿里) is seeking applications from eligible organizations to partner with the Beacom Research Fellows Program in the fall of 2023, with the deadline to apply on Sept. 1. 这个项目, endowed by Miles and Lisa Beacom, provides organizations with limited resources access to research, analytics and field-specific expertise in operations and data man年龄ment. To learn more and apply to become a partner organization of the Beacom Research Fellows Program or a Beacom Research Fellow, 访问 奥吉.edu/BeacomFellows.

Augustana Research Institute (阿里) recently released a report detailing mental health services in the Sioux Falls area. 的 Mental 健康 Needs 评估 was commissioned by a collaborative group in an effort to better understand perceived strengths, barriers/challenges and needs in accessing mental health care.

A generous donation from Lisa and Miles Beacom in February allowed Augustana students the chance to conduct impactful, hands-on research while better serving the Sioux Falls community.